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Larissa brings forth sleek and captivating lines that define a genuinely modern appearance. Featuring an integrated handle design, Larissa is available in either a high-quality lacquered Gloss finish, offering a choice of five colours, or three contemporary Matt finishes. It's poised to establish itself as a timeless and fashionable classic.




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The colours shown here are as close as the reproduction process allow. Due to our policy of continuous product development, we reserve the right to alter any specifications without prior notice. Products can be introduced and discontinued at any time, your choice may not be available.

Accessories available with this range

Vertex Solid Drawers

40kg/60kg Capacity - soft close

Vertex Glass Drawers

40kg Capacity - soft close

Compass Lift Ups

lift-up and hold doors for fitting without the need for hinges

Neonlynx LED strip

suitable for under cabinet lighting

Taika LED luminaire

elegant way to illuminate drawers & cabinets

Kaus LED light

Available with motion sensor, proximity sensor or touch sensor - USB rechargeable

Suprastar plate rack

Steel Construction - 21 plate capacity

Vertex Cutlery TRAY

Sizes available to fit all standard drawers

Magnetic knife holder

stainless Steel - 40cm long

extendable towel rail

Aluminium construction - available with 2/3 arms

Orderbox organizer

modular drawer storage - available in plastic, steel & wood

Drawer plate and bowl holders

adjustable to fit most sizes - 8 bowl capacity - 11 plate capacity

Column Pull out

capacity of 12kg per shelf

pull out trolley

30kg capacity

pull out corner module

consists of 4 baskets - 35kg capacity in total

articulated corner pull out

consists of 4 baskets that pull out completely - 30kg capacity in total

shelf corner pull out

consists of 2 shelves that operate individually - 20kg capacity per shelf

corner carousel

consists of 2 individually operated rotating trays - 20kg capacity per tray

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