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Our ethos

Our ethos is centered around creating bespoke fitted and freestanding furniture with sustainability in mind. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and a greener future. Explore our collection and discover how we seamlessly blend personalised design with a deep respect for the environment. Welcome to a world where your living spaces reflect not just your style, but also your dedication to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Our Environmental Efforts


Our unwavering commitment to delivering enduring quality goes hand in hand with our dedication to combatting the prevalent throwaway culture of today. We take pride in meticulously crafting each piece of furniture with an emphasis on durability and longevity. Our products are built to withstand the test of time, reducing the impact of disposable trends and minimizing waste in landfills. Sending large, bulk items to landfills is a significant contributor to the release of harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases, and with approximately 22 million pieces of furniture discarded per year in the UK alone, our commitment to lasting quality becomes all the more crucial. Our guarantee, accessible here, stands as a testament to our confidence in the durability of our creations. Moreover, we actively support sustainability by stocking replacement parts for many years. In the event of damage, our commitment to repair rather than discard allows you to extend the life of your furniture, aligning with our vision for a more sustainable and responsible approach to consumption. Welcome to a world where quality prevails, and furniture is designed to last for generations.


We strive to use materials from certified sustainable sources, ensuring responsible practices in every aspect of our production. All our hardwood is sourced from a supplier with FSC certification, guaranteeing that our timber comes from responsibly managed forests. Similarly, our man-made boards, sourced from reputable suppliers like Egger and Kronospan, bear the FSC and PEFC certifications, attesting to their commitment to environmental and biodiversity preservation. By prioritising these certified materials, we contribute to the conservation of our forests and biological diversity. We recognize wood as one of the most sustainable building materials, given its capacity for regeneration. Harvesting trees responsibly, and using the wood to craft timeless furniture, results in a carbon-negative process, aiding in the global effort to combat climate change. Join us in furnishing your spaces with a touch of elegance and a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.


For our homewares and small items, we proudly utilise 100% recyclable packaging, aligning with our commitment to eco-friendly practices. While we strive to maintain the same standard for larger items, the challenge lies in balancing environmental responsibility with the need to safeguard these pieces during transit. Recognising the delicate nature of larger items and the potential for damage, we prioritise the protection of our creations, sometimes opting for packaging solutions that may not be fully recyclable but ensure the safe delivery of your cherished furniture. Our commitment remains steadfast in finding innovative solutions that strike a balance between environmental consciousness and the preservation of the quality you expect from James Taylor Furniture.

Renewable Energy

We harness the power of the sun through solar panels to supplement our electricity needs, significantly reducing our carbon footprint in the manufacturing process. Embracing renewable energy sources, we take pride in the environmentally conscious decision to utilise solar power. Additionally, our commitment extends to the efficient use of resources, as we employ a carbon-neutral approach by burning offcuts of hardwood to generate heat. This not only minimises waste but also reduces our reliance on fossil fuels for heating processes. By integrating these practices, we strive to create bespoke furniture that not only enriches homes but does so with a deep sense of responsibility towards the planet.

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